Playtime Effective for Your Kids

How Can You Make Playtime Effective for Your Kids?

For parents who are looking for ways and methods that they can try to help their child realize their true potential and even if you’re looking for ways to bond and reconnect with your child after spending some time apart, playing together can further prompt your child to feel safe in that environment. In doing so, you are letting your child grow and develop without placing any major roadblocks their way. And if we were to listen to the experts, allowing your children to indulge in such activities where you are also involved has surprising benefits that both you and your child will reap together in the future.

The Importance of Play or Playtime with Your Child

Importance of Playing

Play or playtime is so important for a child’s overall development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child. But this birthright is sometimes challenged by forces and people such as child labor and exploitation practices, neighborhood violence, and war. Some kids and their parents are completely aloof because of poverty and other social restrictions.

However, if we were being honest, even those children who have the situation and circumstances that provide them with the scope of playtime don’t always have the attention of their parents.

Play allows children to use their imagination while developing their physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is mighty important for a healthy brain. And it is through play that any children from a very early age learn to engage and interact in the world around them. It allows them to create and explore a world where they can conquer their fears and learn things directly from you.

Why is Playtime with Parent’s that Important


Like we covered previously, playtime itself has an exceptional impact on your child’s growth years but when you become a part of that setting, you’ll not only have the power to mold your child’s behavioral and intellectual attributes, but you’ll also be creating and strengthening the special parent-child bond as a bonus.

And play offers parents a wonderful opportunity to engage fully with their children.

And now since most times of the day are being spent inside the house, utilize this time and seek out new games and adventures to explore.

4 things Stargazing can Encourage your Child to Learn

How much Physical Activity does your Child Need

Physical Activity

Understanding the stages of child development helps parents know what to expect and how to best support the child as she or he grows and develops.

For kids aging between 3 through 5 years

  • Preschool-aged children should be physically active throughout the day for growth and development.
  • Parents and family members should encourage preschool-aged children to be active when they play.

For kids aging 6 through 17 years

  • Children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 years should do 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity each day, including daily aerobics and activities that strengthen bones and that build muscles.

What Games and Activities to Indulge in?

Games and Activities

It is our advice to buy toys that are interactional but also has an educational value. For the younger ones, playsets and dollhouses are a good choice. The My Little Kitchen Playset lets your kid explore their culinary sides while you are being invited to the tea party, make sure to bring a nice storybook to show your kids that things are going to get even more interesting. Our color changing toys also can help inspire your child’s thirst for science and would be wanting to know how the world worked. So, you better be ready to face those burning questions.

For older kids, you can try picking up the subject of astronomy now that the atmosphere is much clearer thanks to less pollution in the past few months. Take them to the roof or set up a Lunar telescope in their bedrooms only, any kid who has even the slightest of connections with nature will become aware of the marvels that are born outer space. 

Our Conclusion

All this learning and sharing can help your child to learn how to behave with you, their siblings and peers, and helps them develop empathy that most adults seem to lack in today’s world.

Keep engaging your child into playing with and as parents and ex-children yourselves, try to keep an open mind about how your child absorbs all this information, and later maybe you can tell them how you felt like it should have gone. That way you’ll be building trust and a safe space for your child to be whoever they want to be and from there together you two can learn about the wonders this world has to offer.

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