Creative Christmas Decorations Ideas

Creative Christmas Decorations Ideas

The festive season is upon us, but are we ready to begin with the celebrations officially? Have you chosen your Christmas decorations yet? Have you picked out Christmas gifts? If not, maybe this little piece can help you piece together the perfect plan to execute for Christmas 2020. Be assured that your guests will not find the interiors of your house quaint, rather if you can pull this through, you are going to be mentioned in bouts of praises for days to come. And that, it is something each one of us is willing to take away as the ‘something finally good’ from this mega-eventful year. That and the memories we’ll get to make with our close ones because this has been a tough year. Especially for those families who have members working in health care or other essential services and those who have lost their loved ones global outbreak. 

So, we guess that it has been established that this year’s Christmas is going to be a major one and also needs to be a great one, then let’s get right into it shall we? And before we answer anything else, we’d first like to clear to our readers when is a good time to start with their Christmas planning and decorations.

When Is the Best Time to Start?

Light it up

To begin with, tradition dictates that we put Christmas trees at the beginning of Advent – that technically is the fourth Sunday before Christmas – which this year fell on 29 November. But if you still haven’t picked out a Christmas tree this year and are maybe planning to ditch the whole pomp and show, then go for it. That way you’ll be doing the environment a favor because this year has been a wake-up call for most of us. And a year of many firsts. So, why not just roll with this one too? 

But, ideally, the best time to start with your Christmas decorations is obviously from around the time you’ve had your Thanksgiving.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

What Is Trending This Year?

A lot is happening this year but if you know exactly what color is trending this year for Christmas then it’s a) Navy Blue & b) Platinum. But mind you, please don’t limit yourself to these two colors if you want to do something more traditional.

The following ideas for decorations are something everyone can do, people with or without much budget and the need for going out to shop. These are nothing too extreme but it will brighten up the interiors of your house easily.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

#1 Light It Up

Apart from using Christmas lights, you can easily whip up some coffee-scented or cookie-scented candles or buy scented candles online or make any other easy DIY project using candles and glass jars, etc. You can also try and hang up lanterns if you want. That will any day add more charisma to your interiors.

#2 Add layers

To be more specific, you need to understand how height really works and how adding decorative elements to different heights can increase the aesthetics of the room. Add Christmas themed toys to the mantle. If you have toys that come in red or in any Christmas related theme, use them to decorate your windows, doorway and staircase. You can also find more decorative toys online if you want to really take things to the next level.

#3 DIY Garlands

For this one, you can decorate your Christmas tree or doorway or hall or the fireplace altar with harvest garlands or other DIY garlands that you can make with your child or siblings. This is the best way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. That is by taking up projects and other responsibilities with the Christmas decorations. You will get a lot of time to spend with your child during the preparations.

#4 DIY Wreaths

Pinecone project

You have a lot of options in your backyard only if you wish to make an attractive DIY Christmas wreath. And you already know it so take a bucket and head out. You can use the traditional mistletoe but you can also use pinecone, dried berries and fruits(pomegranate), logs, etc.

#5 Pinecone Project

fireplace and Christmas tree

Like in wreathes, you can use this versatile object to spruce up your decorations. The best part about this is that you can also make use of these decorations in the next year as well. Go ahead and dress up your centerpiece with pinecones and twigs. Add colors like blue, or red or add christmas-themed prints to the whole entourage. Create napkin holders out of them. Use pinecones to make other wall hangings or combine it with other tinsel and ribbons and decorate your staircase, in all fairness, your house will be giving off a rustic Christmas vibe that is something that can’t go out of fashion.

#6 Faking the Fireplace and Christmas Tree?

Add plants

If you have decided to have a more environment-friendly Christmas this year then you can try great decoration alternatives that are equally attractive and are some of the best ideas that are trending this year. Use candles or lights to recreate your fireplace and for the Christmas tree, you can dare to go small or use books or gifts, stacked one on top of the other to give it a tree feel, and voila! You have a quirky Christmas tree at your disposal.

#7 Add Plants

Explore textures and patterns

If you have indoor plants, you can incorporate them into your main living room decorations. Add them to your doorway and decorate them with ribbons or paper cut-outs. Organize them around your windows and other furniture and add decorations similar to the theme you are going for.

#8 Explore textures and patterns

Explore textures and patterns

Don’t stop yourself from shopping for things that you believe will help you with your house decorations. Adding different kinds of items and elements to build a theme that you want your Christmas in 2020 is what you want to do. Try buying Christmas-themed prints like napkins with candy canes, or mistletoes or snowflakes, etc. Craft small baubles and decorations that are attractive but are also easy to make. Set up a bubble machine behind the Christmas tree and turn it on while you and your family open their Christmas gifts, there are so many things you can add to your festive decor that will help you recreate the best of Christmas decorations.

Hope these ideas help you in planning your decorations with more ease this year.

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