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4 things Stargazing can Encourage your Child to Learn

Stargazing is more than just pondering on life’s great mysteries, spirituality and romantic gestures. In today’s times, it can be considered a fun way your child can learn and explore various subject matters and educational content. It helps them discover more about the environment, outer space and the solar system, pre-existing mythologies about the cosmos in several civilizations, scientific parameters, etc. 

Your kid will be getting to learn from a combination of all these subjects along with an applied and practical skill that would include their ability to handle a telescope and how to record and perceive each of their new findings. According to us, stargazing can accost to one of the most easiest forms of learning there is today, unprecedented.

This is all possible because your child’s basic interest is being piqued by the wonders of what the stars hold. So, without further ado, let’s count the four crucial things your kids can learn from stargazing and the whole experience of it.

1. Astronomy


Gazing at the stars will naturally lead them to question what holds beyond the earth’s boundaries. The planets, galaxies, cosmos, black holes, constellations and the universe and how it evolved, how it is in a continuous state of flux, and the final fate of our own planet. 

When you’ll be sitting down with your kids to stargaze, be ready to answer each of their queries. Even if you missed out on one, make sure to respond immediately. But most importantly parents, enjoy the moments that you guys spend doing this activity together as it also helps you guys to bond over something new.

If possible, keep a stellar map at hand, or just whip out those binoculars and let the kids enjoy the view. You can also get a  Lunar telescope and harvest the quest for the stars in your children.

2. Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness

Nature can be an excellent teacher and so one interesting thing that first time stargazers can learn if they live in the city is that the urban lights can create a ‘light pollution’ of sorts that prevent us from experiencing the stark beauty of the starry night sky.

Light pollution also harms the ecology of the planet and these are a few reasons how:

  • Bright city lights can confuse migratory birds into flying in circles until they drop from exhaustion.
  • Night lights can interfere with the biological behavior of nocturnal animals and birds.
  • Sea turtles refuse to nest on brightly lit beaches.

By stargazing, your child also realizes a man’s duty to this planet and the eternal promise to keep it safe against all odds.

3. Mythology


From the stories of Andromeda and the sea creature to of  Auriga-the Charioteer,

The crippled son of Minerva and Vulcan, you’ll be lifting the shades of unawareness from an explosive new chapter bustling with knowledge and the understanding of all of humanity’s earliest civilizations. 

They will be interested in learning about what each constellation foretold to our forefathers before and that ingrained with a different level of spiritual learning can sprout for your child in this case.

4. Math


This might come as a surprise, but stargazing offers a great opportunity to introduce your child to math concepts such as numerics, physical calculations, advanced geometry, etc. 

Your child will definitely love the idea of learning his numbers from the sky instead of learning it at school. 

And they might probably master them faster this way, most researchers and child specialists suggest that your kid will learn more while engaging in learning with extra-curricular activity than learning inside an average classroom. 

Head to your roof tonight with a Nasa Lunar telescope for kids.

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